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Is ISIS Sunni?

In the west the militant group ISIS (now calling themselves IS) is constantly described as a Sunni group and they obviously deem themselves to be such. But is that really the case?


The Litany of Victory – Hizb al-Nasr

An extremely powerful supplication that should be recited when believers face aggression or an enemy…


The ISIS Crisis Jihad

Young Muslims, especially those in the West on social media who feel compelled to support such groups just because the media props them up, need to really ask some tough questions


Why one cannot be gay and Muslim

What is really being asked is this: can homosexuality become legally and morally acceptable to Muslims given Islamic teachings regarding it? The answer to that question is…

Kalima in stone

The Dua for Protection from Misfortunes

An extremely important supplication that a student asked about and that should be recited at the end/after each obligatory prayer…


Why link Sydney women’s choosing Islam to extremism?

Australia’s Herald Sun reported that in Sydney more than 1000 people per year are converting to Islam with women doing so at a rate of almost two per week. That would certainly be great news for Muslims except that…