I teach private and public classes on the fundamentals of Islam. Currently the following subjects are taught:
Tawhid (Faith)
Basic Doctrine covers the fundamental beliefs of Muslims with a view to strengthening conviction and dealing with misgivings. Monotheism, Prophecy, and the Unseen are among the topics covered.
Ibadat (Ritual Worship)
Ritual Worship concerns the jurisprudence of the five pillars of the Religion: from ritual prayer to the pilgrimage. Both the practical legal details and the associated ethical lessons are addressed.
Istihsan (Ethics)
Ethics covers the legal and ethical rulings of matters like food, entertainment, and family life. The objective is to help develop a moral sensibility that is grounded in the Sacred Law or Sharia.
Adab (Decorum)
Decorum addresses, with examples from life and hadith, the social graces and proprieties that are mandated and encouraged in the teachings of the Quran and the luminous example of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


Classes are conducted in a traditional manner where the text is read and discussed in its entirety. Attending (listening), asking, and acting are the keys to success.


The following texts are offered. This list is subject to change over time. Advanced subjects are not offered and prospective students are asked to limit their inquiries to these texts only.


Unless otherwise stated, classes are free of charge. Students may send honorarium payments if they so desire using the link below.


To make contact just send me an email by clicking on the address below.

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