As salamu alaikum. Welcome to the student area. Please sign up or log in to continue. This is where I teach private one to one (including families) and small group classes. 

I teach private and public classes via this website. This is a live, interactive, informal educational offering. There are no semesters and no exams, rather the text is read and explained and questions are taken. There are no set fees or charges for classes.

At the moment four subjects are taught via this website: Ritual Worship (Ibadat), Basic Doctrine (Tawhid), The Proscribed and the Permitted (Al-Hadhr wa al-Ibaha), and Etiquette (Adab). Please see details on the classes and teaching page. See the avaialble courses page for current courses. For more about the website and teacher see the about pageJazakum Allahu khayr.