About Me

MY-FLAG-450x270.jpgMy name is Qays Arthur. I was born in Guyana in the late seventies and was raised in Georgetown where I became Muslim in the early nineties.

In my childhood I was always quite concerned with the questions of origin and purpose (where we are from, why we are here, and what is before and after death) so becoming Muslim in high school was (and remains) something of incalculable, life changing significance.

I was eager to learn the basics of the Religion with various local scholars and gradually became more and more involved in religious activity until by 1996 I had dedicated my life to serving the Religion in whatever way I could. At the time I was giving sermons and involved in teaching and missionary activity with the blessing of local scholars of the Salafi movement. In 1997 I set off for the Muslim world where I spent one year in Saudi Arabia and another in Jordan learning Arabic. My time in Saudi Arabia saw me become disillusioned with the Salafi movement and I sought out Jordan as an alternative place to study.

Studying Deen has been and still is a journey. Once I arrived in Jordan in 1998 I found a much broader spectrum of Islamic scholarship and began to identify myself as a mainstream Sunni Muslim. However my studies in the Muslim world were cut short after just two years when, after returning to Guyana on what was supposed to have been a summer vacation, political unrest and economic instability among other things prevented my return to Jordan. I married in 1999 and, after a stint teaching English in a private high-school, began working with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana where I benefited tremendously from their scholars and programs. By 2004 I was helping the organization with its extensive educational and charitable programs, teaching Imams, giving the Friday sermon at various mosques, and serving the organization in the capacity of a director of education and missionary work. My intention with regard to studying was tested during that period but, through Allah’s grace, I kept close to my goal and did not adopt another direction in life. In 2007 I was able to return to Jordan where I immediately began studying with local scholars such as Shaykh Ahmad al-Jammal, Dr. Salah Muhammad Abul Haj, Shaykh Ashraf Muneeb, Shaykh Ahmad al-Hasanat, Shaykh Hamza al-Bakri and others may Allah reward them, protect them, and spread their benefit. I have been living, by Allah’s grace, in Amman, Jordan since 2007 with my wife and children.

Teaching on this Website

I conduct private sessions in Fiqh (Law) and Aqida (Doctrine) in my home in Amman, Jordan and via this website. Please see this page if you are interested in reading something.


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